Witherspell Codex Roleplay

Welcome to Witherspell Codex Roleplay!

          Hello, and welcome to our unique roleplay experience. Here at WCRP, we pride ourselves in providing our players with a highly customized and story tailored world to immerse themselves into. Our server was constructed by a small team of individuals, who dedicated their time to constructing several towns and cities that were then populated with a variety of NPCs that will offer both informative dialogue and quests for you as a player to interact with.

          While operated by a small team, both our team and our server will operate around the clock to give players an environment in which they can tell their stories and craft a lasting home. We don't want people to get the wrong idea either. While we do cherish a roleplay heavy server, we also understand that not everyone is a seasoned veteran when it comes to this sort of thing. That being said, we cater to a variety of role-players including those who might have an opposition to verbal roleplay. Whatever the reason, if you are required to or more comfortable with text roleplay that too is available here on WCRP.

          If you've taken the time to read this far in we want to thank you, and we would also like to extend an invite for you to apply to our whitelisting. We're very excited to have you here at the Witherspell Codex, and look forward to seeing what sort of stories and world you can help create.