Welcome to the Locations page, here you will find a guide to some key destinations within our server to help grant a little insight into the lore and setting of these locales.

From bustling towns and humble homesteads to lonely ruins, our locations hold tales we hope will inspire and intrigue. Each place has its own unique history, inhabitants, and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer seeking new challenges or a curious explorer yearning to uncover hidden secrets, this page will be your compass to navigate the diverse environments that await you.


Cresting a waterfall along the northwestern river the town of Falkirk was established by the wealthy and devout Salnon family. Besides the Salnon's own large and impressive estate, the family have invested in a number of businesses that make up the town including an inn, a smithy, and a tavern, as well as a grand chapel.


Built on the eastern shore north of the Great Dam the lake town of Lancaster offers a reprieve from the cold. Here a tavern, library, shop, and carpenters supply most of the trade of this fishing town under the watchful eye of the Mayor Ignatius.


Southwest of Buccaneer Bay the port town of Silvercove is the entry point for many a traveler into the lands of Naestradea. Boasting a tavern, bank, little chapel, and small markets Silvercove is a welcoming town overseen by Mayor Birvir Mitsk.


South of the Imperial Highway along the Slave Road the town of Gormsey is known for its unorthodox trade in captives from the war. The townsfolk here are by and large known to be discriminatory against non-humans who unsurprisingly comprise the entirety of their servants and captives. Run by Mayor Whitmore, Gormsey offers a tavern and inn, a market, and of course its notorious auction square for visitors to enjoy.


Founded along the southern edge of the mires of the Mounds of the Dead, the town of Luton was once a hub of trade but has fallen under the pall of a mysterious illness that now plagues its people. Though fallen on hard times the town still offers a tavern, as well as the services of a carpenter and smithy.


Nestled in Forkspring Hollow in the southern jungles Tirandell is home to the remaining majority of the dwindling population of fey in Naestradea. The town serves as a safe haven offering refuge to any who seek shelter from the dangers of the land. Besides its many beautiful scenic environs Tirandell also houses a tavern, a market and a healer.


Once a quaint fey village tucked away in the seclusion of the Mire of Eternal Dreams, Medleymire now lays abandoned. In the aftermath of the war dark magics twisted the land and strange beasts emerged from the caverns north of the village, terrorizing the fey and forcing the survivors to flee, leaving their home in a state of ruin.

Pendle Farm

North of what is now called the Wraithwood, Pendle Farm is home to a small family of farmers who struggle to continue their simple way of life in the face of the terrors that now lurk so near.


Located roughly halfway between the Southern Aqueduct and the Boundary Spillway the budding town of Holmfirth is currently little more than a grand ambition. Driven by a desire to help the downtrodden after the end of the war Damien decided to expand beyond his personal estate to build up a town upon his lands. With aid from others perhaps his dreams can become a reality, forming a town that would boast a Tannery, Apothecary, Tailor, Smithy, Tavern, Inn, Market, Medicus, and Library.


Between Telith's Island and Medleymire lies the town of Sheffield. Trading in furs and minerals native to the region the people of Sheffield are a superstitious folk troubled by the beastly denizens of the dark wood north of their home.


Just north of the Bridge of the Betrayer the fortress Grindill was built during the war and half destroyed in conflict. In the time since it has been rebuilt and now serves as home to a clan of warriors known to worship Ymir and lead by Elder Skurfa. Beyond the necessities of its people including a kitchen, barracks, and healer, the fort also houses a smithy.


Due south of the Cursed Way stands the fort Themar, built towards the end of the war it was never used and now stands unoccupied.


East of Sepermeru the town of Lorgrul is home to the last remnants of orcs in Naestradea. A small clan, the orcs of Lorgrul follow the old laws and traditions of their people and offer trade and aid to those in need. Visitors may find rustic comfort at the tavern.